About the UK egg tempera artist Tony Whitehouse, who paints landscapes of the Cotswolds and the Vale of Evesham.

After painting for many years in oil, gouache and watercolour I began working in egg tempera in 2000.���� It is a technique that has been much neglected since the early renaissance when it was replaced by oil paint. It has recently regained popularity with an increasing number of artists discovering the unique properties of the medium.

Much of my work is centred on images drawn from Bredon Hill in Worcestershire and its surroundings.  Walking on Bredon Hill there is an ever present sense that it has been an important place.  Physical signs of Neolithic burial mounds, Iron Age hill forts and a medieval castle can still be seen.  I painted those things that seem to me to have a special underlying quality and attempt to capture this in the form, colour and texture of the painting.

I have recently begun painting on the iPad to accommodate deteriorating eyesight. Images using the ‘Brushes’ app can be seen in the Gallery section.